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Moirabari College was established on 14th August, 1981 and it has emerged as the premier institution of higher education in the northern part of Morigaon District. The college is situated at a distance of about half a km. from - Moirabari town, and is approachable from all sides. The site of the college, with a number of other educational institutions situated at close vicinity, provides an ideal atmosphere for teaching and learning.

The foundation of the college was the realisation of the dream of the common poor people of this area to create as academic renaissance in the form of a college. Now this college has come across a decade in its mission of imparting Higer Education to the young aspirants leading to upliftment of socio-cultural environment in this economically disadvantaged region. As the Principal of this college, I really proud that Moirabari College has been attarcting all kind of students. Here, I would like to offer my hearty thanks to the students for getting admission to this institution and apprecite their parents for taking proper decission to be given admission of their offsprings to this institution. I think this college, has successfully brought enlightment to thousands of students in pursuing their goals and playing an active role in the society.

From this speaking chair, I congratulate the students of this institute those who have succeeded in various fields for bringing glory to this institution. I would like to express my hearty thanks to the faculty members and employees whose comitted service has been vital for all greater achivments of this college. At last, I pray the Almighty God to blees us to proceed on of our anward journey.

With thanks.

Dr. Riazul Hoque, M.A., LL.B., Ph.D
Principal,Moirabari College